The Kitchen is mysteriously familiar attracting unique, quirky characters that round out their passion for community through Jewish and personal values. This gradient is a traditional rainbow ink roll. Using printing inks, it's a classic, warm and meaningful landing pad for joining the community. It represents the raw, perfectly-imperfect blend of contributors you'll meet at their events.

After a very deep and iterative process of research, ideation, and color study— after color study...after color study we landed on gradients for The Kitchen's brand refresh. Not just any gradients but the idea behind a gradient itself. Sorry, Lyft and Pandora your digital perfection while appreciated isn't welcome here.

Homepage Design_Ink gradient_1

Obviously, we didn't stop after just one gorgeous gradient.  I developed a system of these color pairings for future roll-outs along with new letterhead and business cards.

The Kitchen BusinesscardDesign.JPG