Hi Universe, it's me Shelby, again...

Lately I have been listening to several great podcasts hosted by several amazing women.  Two in particular are heavily resonating with me.

Most recently #Hashtags&Stilettos host Sakita Holley—founder and CEO of House of Success, a NY-based lifestyle PR firm shared her practice of writing down her intentions for the new year in the form of a personal letter (this is an older episode). She addresses it to herself, intentionally intimate and direct. In the episode she reads the letter and describes how deeply shocked she felt on Jan 1, 2018 realizing that almost everything she wrote down happened—in exactly the way she wrote that it would. By simply penning her goals in detail she basically wished them in to fruition.

I believe that journaling and making lists is effective in getting things done but I've never heard of things happening so magically close to how a person imagined they would. I was really inspired by Sakita's experience and I've been practicing vocal intentions on my own, speaking about where I want to go and how I think I can get there. This simple practice alone has introduced me to 2 fashion-involved colleagues that I would have never met on my own.

The second invigorating interview I listened to was a chat between show host Myleik Teele and guest star Kahlana Barfield Brown, InStyle's Beauty Editor At-Large. Hearing her personal glow-up from intern, to editor's assistant, to boss lady in charge was really energizing. Like I wanted to jump on a plane and make NYC my newest challenge immediately (obv not, yet). She kept vocalizing how laser-focused she was at the start of her career in getting to where she wanted to be, where I want to be one day — fashion. I'm channeling my inner Kahlana work-horse and taking on more opportunities to dip in to the fashion world and create a spot for myself whenever and however I can. Not the exact spot that KBB holds but, something similar utilizing my skills for design, writing, and directing.

As always, thanks mom for keeping me in your prayers.

Fashion, Fashion! Where art thou??

Fashion, Fashion! Where art thou??