A Fine Line


Look at me, doing experimental, playful things for work! This was for a philanthropy client, their organization is the common thread between their diverse community of supporters and charitable giving. They work hard to connect donors with their values and help them to support and manage those plans. This was a weekend-long project of setting the type(thread), re-setting it after the wind took it, or I breathed too hard, or idk something random happened—and then the photo shoot! Trying and trying and trying to work this thread on the fine line between thoughtful, emotive and professional versus too crafty, DIY or sloppy. Tedious work is great for focusing in on finer details, something I don't do enough. I'm always thinking bigger picture or wayyyy far ahead! Are you investing in your values? 

HBD to Us, A Family by Design.

This is an important birth-day. My "aunt and uncle" got married a few years ago on a day which also happens to be my birthday, yesterday. They've actually been together since I was born, or just after depending on who you ask. I have found heroes in these two and I am constantly overwhelmed by the love, support and magic of knowing them. I love this day of this year the most because I get to share it with them. Together we've strengthened the bonds between our families that haven't been familiar for at least a decade. We did that, we designed new connections. They have taught me and shown me so much about myself over the last 6 months. Never judging, always caring and hella creative.

If I've met you since moving to the West coast chances are you have definitely heard me bragging on and on about them, "they do this and this," "they recycle this and grow that," and "they love to do this," "and the cat, omg Bagheera the cat!" I have them to thank for a monumental life experience, moving and settling in California. They're the coolest and closest-distant family I have.

in closing: blood may be thicker than water, but so is fine wine. We love wine. Thank you, my journey to establish myself here is dedicated to you. Happy 23rd birthday to us!