Actually, Going with the Flow.

Apologies for the late post but, I'VE BEEN SO BUSY with awesome freelance work (what!) and I am finally embracing it. Also I turned 23 last week! Since I graduated I have been anxious and impatient to land a big, fancy full-time gig somewhere huge, because that's what is supposed to happen, right? That's what most everyone gets when they graduate school. Duh. But as I get acclimated to the Bay Area I realize that maybe I don't want that anymore. I see the gentrification of the neighborhoods, I see friends of friends posting on Facebook how they're getting evicted—from the very company that created that huge social network and similar tech giants.

I'm not down for that, it's becoming more clear as I read The Circle by David Eggers. I'm not that far in to it, but I will recommend checking it out now. The  freelance work I'm getting is through meaningful relationships I have built with people I respect. It's for smaller businesses and bigger minds. That's the kind of shit that turns me on about graphic design. I am so blessed to have the powers of word-of-mouth working in my favor. A mentor of mine has played a significantly influential role in pushing me, boosting my confidence and helping me survive (design-wise) since I first drove out here for an AIGA Portfolio Day. You can see the work of his really cool brain/company here! 

This week has been a omen in the best way possible. Speaking of omens, one of my favorite young collaborations, Disclosure and Sam Smith are talented artists that enjoy creating JAMZ together.