OMGM - [Oh Metro Goldwyn Meyer.]

If there is a physical space that has perfected UX and UI it's the city of Las Vegas. I traveled there for work and play and therefore got to take in all of the...charm. It is a mecca for the great escapers! I stayed at the MGM with some of my crazy lad-friends from the UK and we partook in as much of the city-sanctioned sin as we could afford. There were a few big UX features that I noticed right away due to how much they annoyed/amazed me.
1. THAT PLACE IS A MAZE. There is only one way in and out and it's very hard to find. It's also conveniently passed all the slots, tables, restaurants, bars, high-roller rooms, pools, nightclubs, pool-clubs. They literally have everything right there, why would you leave...right? You're forced to look up at all of it especially because the carpet is horrifically patterned and confusing, it was like the The Cheesecake Factory's mothership! 
2. You should need a passport to visit, it feels like "the protectorate of Vegas, it's another world. Everyone there seems in a trance, just trying to get from one indulgence to another.
3. Your every move is controlled by knowing where the next air-conditioned space is! 112 DEGREES, are you kidding? The "dry-heat" thing is total crap, it's hot so the best place is either in the pool or in the cool, dark casino.  

I know all this is sounding doom and gloom-y, but I DID enjoy my stay there. I totally loved observing all these pre-determined features and watching myself and others follow blindly! Crazy creepy and wicked irresistible. Thanks to my dreamr associates for our team meeting, bright future ahead!