West Coast Anniversary

As of the 1st week of November, I have been living in CA for A YEAR! (victory dance emoji). I have pushed myself through so much, and have given all my energy to my future. I have had A LOT of support and can't thank these people enough, you know who you are. So much of my success is credited to these people, but also to seizing the opportunity. Sometimes that opportunity I consider dumb luck, but you still have to be bold enough to follow up. This post-college journey is the hardest thing I've ever done, my anxiety has never been higher and I've never been more excited, self-aware and hungry for more.  I recently shared with my best pen pal Ed, a short list of just some of the highlights (and lowlights because those are equally important) which I will now share with you!

  • finding a volleyball family—teamname: Shelby and the Asians, you can find us at In-N-Out  
  • learning to LOVE spicy food
  • conserving water
  • witnessing my first-ever knife fight in broad daylight
  • landing a part-time job
  • pretending to be a yoga teacher, and holding a class
  • rooting for the Warriors, NBA 2015 champs
  • going to a Giants' game 
  • my first SFDW
  • seeing 3EB in concert with my best-west-friend-forever
  • getting my first tattoo
  • learning how to properly floss my teeth (can't afford more cavities)
  • that time I accidentally microwaved sushi—stupid take-out boxes
  • my not-so-secret Bahstin accent = (Shelby + beer)
  • Dyno-bites cereal (way better than Fruity Pebbles, hands down) (see cavities)
  • my die-hard faith to DD coffee—no red cup drama, thanks
  • winning Bagheera's love (when Uncle John's gone, but still <3)
  • participating in a live studio audience...and winging it
  • my first intense backpacking/camping/hiking trip
  • going to Vegas with my lad friends 
  • becoming a freelance designer IRL 

There's still so much I want to do like join a protest, take classes and adopt a succulent! Here's to the future.