NBD. I had the opportunity to visit my adopted Uncle Mo at his place of business, Twitter HQ. As soon as you show your ID, confirm you're on the list, fill out a NDA form, and get your visitor badge (phew) you can take a selfie right at this little Macbook Air and tweet it to your account! Of course Mo and I did this, and then he gave me the tour! That place is really big and everyone seems so casual. We walked through all THREE floors of the cafeteria before finally deciding on only about twelve different meals, including tacos from the DIY taco station—which is right in front of the frozen yogurt station. A lil' bit of this, a lil' bit of that...holy food-baby. We shot some arcade hoops in the game room and went out on to the rooftop deck. I made sure to Snapchat my way through the day, I made no attempt to play it cool—per usual. 

The building isn't located in a great area for walking outside for a break or dining out so they have almost anything you can think of right there. This was all pretty impressive, but it felt like a university campus, a bubble. The "removed from reality" campus trend I see in big tech company culture kinda weirds me out. But it also intrigues me, is this really a more productive environment? To have everything you would ever need while at work right there in your building? 

Anyways I had the most fun with the uncle I'm not the least bit related to! He's originally from the LBC and cool as hell, not to mention good to me.