Sketchy Sunday

This could be the start of a new(?) hashtag. My appreciation for sketches has seriously amplified since entering the professional world. I've always loved the brainstorming process but sketching is a physical tracking system for ideas. I've gotten way better at knowing when I have/haven't pushed far enough in to my brains for the unique solution. Here are some sketches from one of the logos on my Marks & Logos page: Box Joint. Mo' gridded sheets mo' better.

A New Type of Swagger

I am so missing taking classes at CCSF. A year ago I took a Typography class to refresh my knowledge and revive my appreciation for lettering, kerning, leading, and tracking. Within this class I had the opportunity to participate in educational group crits with a very diverse class. Yes it certainly felt good to already have background knowledge and experience using type to convey an idea, but I learned so much more the second time around from my passionate teacher, and my curious, focused peers. Experiencing type through someone that truly loves it, loves interpreting it was worth every penny and extra hours of work, after work. We even got time on the Vandercook! I didn't have time to manage coaching, work, and class last fall so here's to more and better juggling in 2017.

The Community I Love

I have pervaded many communities since moving to the West. It's my go-to trick in getting to know an area and it's people, based on shared interests. The highlight of my design-minded year is SF Design Week, a lot of designers share that opinion. I never take for granted the fact that this city is an absolute mecca for design in the USA bursting with talented peers all trying to do the same thing—enjoy the design community, enjoy people that get what you do, what you're trying to do. SFDW16 was all a bit sweeter for me because I reflected deeply on my growth since 2015. I've been on my own for that much longer, I've now been designing, strategizing, writing and managing here for a year. Not to mention playing and coaching volleyball, taking typography classes and doing a bit of travel. All these communities have welcomed me with open arms, but it's my v. intimidating game face that's kept me here, fighting to find my life's work. (Game face pictured below featuring my boss/mentor J Levine and his hella fly jacket).