Logo designs

Box Joint Advisors is a shiny new real estate development company specializing in public private partnership. Lev the founder is the magical glue, the liaison, the box joint if you will (you must) between the public and private sectors. 

Droppin' Beets was created while studying abroad with my friend Megan in London, for our cooking + music blog. 

Simply Basic A corporate packaging identity idea for affordable, well-designed food products. That's the whole thing: straight-forward, clean and approachable but not ugly! Never ugly.

Vinci Pet Couture With my classmate as a client determined to own a french bulldog named Vinci I created an identity for a modern, luxury dog store inspired by her dream pet.

Back 9 Brewery is a logo for a line of home-made beers and their golf-fanatic creator, who may or may not be my dad.

Aqueous was designed around fluidity, motion, and direction. As my uncle John would say, "Just relax, and float downstream!"

Dig Diva, a logo idea for my dream after-school program aims to instill teamwork, positivity and volleyball skills in young girls. I will make this a real thing, promise!